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Baldur's Gate 3 reveals disappointing news for fans



DLC releases and a sequel are out of the question for Baldur's Gate 3, according to Larian Studios CEO Sven Vincke.

Larian developers have expressed interest in producing DLC ​​in the past. Speaking to IGN at Gamescom 2023, senior product director Tom Butler simply noted that the team wanted to do more in the DnD universe.

Butler hadn't given any details, leaving players wondering if the studio would develop new content post-launch or start thinking about plans for a sequel.

Despite this uncertainty, Baldur's Gate 3 has continually received regular updates that improve the experience. But when that support ends, Larian will break away from Dungeons and Dragons ownership.

Baldur's Gate 3 developers won't make DLC, says Larian boss

IGN reports that during a GDC panel on March 21, Larian CEO Sven Vincke revealed that there are no plans for new content for Baldur's Gate 3. So BG3 faithful won't shouldn't expect DLC, expansions, or even a Baldur's Gate 4 from the award-winning development team.

Instead of expanding their existing Baldur's Gate story, Vincke explained that he planned to do something else outside of DnD, according to IGN.

Allandra in Baldur's Gate 3

What could this be? “something else” remains a mystery for the moment. Therefore, everything regarding the future of Baldur's Gate will be entirely in the hands of publisher Wizards of the Coast.

Although the lack of DLC and a sequel will disappoint many, Larian has been largely supportive of Baldur's Gate 3 in the months since its launch.

And every bit of that content arrived via free updates, one of which included a playable epilogue sequence featuring some of the RPG's best writing. An Honor mode, several character-based adjustments, and more also went live post-release.

No matter where Larian goes next, a captive audience is sure to eagerly follow.

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