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Bandai Namco rethinks strategy and will focus on quality



Bandai Namco released financial results covering the period from September to December — the famous Q3. According to figures obtained in the last three months of the year, the publisher will need to rethink some strategies and will once again invest in high-quality games.

Before understanding why the publisher is rethinking its strategy, let's look at some numbers shared in the company's document and published on the TechRaptor website.

Highlighting total sales of 772.035 million yen, an increase of 3.9% year on year, but with a 26.3% drop in operating profit, the company totaled 78.282 million yen.

Moving on to the Digital Business sector, including games, the division had sales of 263.012 million yen, a decrease of 8.9%, and a drastic 96.5% decline in segment profit compared to the year-ago period. reaching 1.615 million yen.

Despite the stability guaranteed with mobile games from the Dragon Ball and One Piece series, the online games sector did not meet expectations due to an “unmentioned project”. Additionally, the success of Armored Core VI: Fire of Rubicon did not compensate for the drop in overall console game sales.


Putting all of this together, Bandai Namco wants to reorganize its portfolio.

The company mentioned a review of the composition of titles in development for the next business plan. Now, the publisher is seeking a more rigorous approach to game selection, aiming for an optimized portfolio and prioritizing quality.

In light of the results, the annual operating profit forecast was revised downwards by 34%, from 125 million yen to 82 million yen. Although the online game is not mentioned by name, it is speculated to refer to Blue Protocol, scheduled to arrive in the West this year.

Unreleased IP? Bandai Namco registers new brand in Europe

Bandai Namco Entertainment registered the trademark “Towa and the Guardians of the Sacred Tree” on January 22 in Europe. With this possible more aggressive approach to high-quality games on the way, is there a bold and different game on the horizon? Look!

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