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Battle Spirits CrossOver will be released in November for PS5



Studio Furyu, which will release Reynatis this year-end, announced that Battle Spirits CrossOver will be released on November 7th for PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title will initially only be available in Japan and is not expected to reach the West.

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Inspired by Battle Spirits, the game will be based on real deck-building rules. There will be more than 1,900 unique cards, including those from the “BS68 Contract Saga: True Volume 1 – Battle of the Gods” set.

In addition, Battle Spirits CrossOver will feature customization features for cards and deck covers, original character stories, support for online and local multiplayer and a tutorial for newcomers to the game.

Watch the trailer for the new deck-building title below:

Learn more about Battle Spirits CrossOver

Battle Spirits CrossOver is inspired by the card game developed jointly by Bandai and Sunrise, Inc. Configured for two players, the game became a franchise by appearing in several seasons of anime, manga series and collectible products.

Released in September 2008, Battle Spirits became one of the best-selling card games of the year. However, problems with the English translation and the lack of advertising ended the arrival of expansions after only five sets were offered.

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