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Battlefield 2042 will be free between March 21st and 24th



Fans will be able to embark on Battlefield 2042 completely free of charge between March 21st and 24th. The game will have all its content released to the community, including that of the seventh season.

The test covers all game modes, events and activities. In addition, anyone who takes advantage during the period will be able to transfer their saved files to the full version, if they subscribe to PS Plus Extra/Deluxe or purchase it later via the PS Store.

Play Battlefield 2042 for free and do whatever it takes in Season 7: Turning Point. From March 21st to 24th on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam.

Battlefield 2042 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. PS Plus Extra and Deluxe subscribers can play the game at no additional cost.

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Now available, season seven of Battlefield 2042 brings a lot of new content. In addition to introducing suburban combat to Haven, it brings a battle-torn stadium as a new point of interest.

New weapons also attract attention in the update, alongside 100 Battle Pass levels containing a 20-level jump, premium track and instant unlocks. Click here to learn more.

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