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Be an emperor! Ubisoft announces Anno 117: Pax Romana



Get your time machine ready, because Ubisoft will take you to the year 117 AD, player. Anno 117: Pax Romana has been revealed for 2025, complete with a trailer full of humor to highlight how you will command an empire.

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The strategy franchise will place players to “seize the chances and explore the unique advantages and challenges of the provinces Albion and Lazio”. Check out the announcement in the video below:

In the latest installment of the award-winning Anno strategy franchise, your destiny is to shape the Roman Empire in the year 117 AD. As emperor, will you encourage economic growth or extend your rule through force? Will you lead a rebellion or create a diverse culture?

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More about Anno 117: Pax Romana

The two provinces revealed so far are the Celtic Wetlands of Albion and the traditional Roman lands called Latium.

Albion is a “land full of mysteries where no civilized Roman wants to be”. Latium is “close to the hungry heart” of the Empire and will offer that more traditional feeling of Rome.

These lands may be different, but eventually you’ll be able to unify them under a single flag, director Manuel Reinher explained to IGN.

Anno 117: Pax Romana will be the first main game in the Anno series since 2017’s Anno 1800. It will deliver features like “a unique blend of traditional city-building, deep economic simulation, and 4X features like diplomacy, military, and narrative layers.”

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