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Beat Saber co-founders announce departure from Beat Games



Ján Ilavský and Vladimír Hrinčár, respectively the creative director of Beat Saber and the CEO of Beat Games, have announced that they are leaving the studio. With this, they are the last founders of the company as they leave their positions and join Jaroslav Beck, who has no longer been part of the company since 2019.

In a thread on X, Ilavský thanked his team for the last six years and commented that he “completely” trusts the developer’s work for the future of the game. According to him, the rhythmic title is “just getting started” and it’s time to go back “to the roots” and focus on “innovative games”.

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I have some news to share with you! I am announcing my departure as creative director at Beat Games.

Beat Saber creator and studio CEO thanks the team

Moments after the creative director's announcement, Vladimír Hrinčár went to his offices social media comment on your departure. The founder of Beat Games, responsible for creating the company in 2018 alongside Jaroslav Beck, wished “all the best” to those who remain in the company.

I'm graduating from Beat Saber and my studio head role and will be leaving Beat Games. Thank you so much to everyone on the team for all the amazing things you do for the game, you guys are awesome and you did this! I wish you all the best!

So far, there is no further information about who will replace Hrinčár and Ilavský in executive positions.

Beat Saber is available for PS VR, PS VR2, Meta Quest and PC VR.

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