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Beyond Good and Evil will have a new mission linked to the sequel



Ubisoft confirmed the return of Beyond Good and Evil through a broadcast on Thursday (20) and fans of the franchise will have a surprise in the 20th Anniversary Edition. A treasure hunt will leave an interesting clue for the game’s sequel, which has not yet been released by the publisher.

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The protagonist of this adventure is Jade, an “action reporter” who is in the world of De Hyllis. There, she investigates several mysterious alien attacks from DomZ and counts on her adoptive uncle Pey’j to take risks in search of information. Apparently, among these searches, she will find links to the title sequence.

On the official website, Ubisoft left the following message about a “treasure hunt”:

Learn more about Jade’s childhood and her connection to Beyond Good & Evil 2 thanks to a new treasure hunt in Hillys! Collect exclusive cosmetic rewards as you progress through the game and explore the planet.

As Ubisoft has not yet brought more updates about Beyond Good and Evil 2, the best way is to enjoy this content in the title’s remaster. At least, the company made it clear that the project is still “in the plans”.

Special Edition of Beyond Good and Evil arrives on the 25th

For those of you who couldn’t wait to play Beyond Good and Evil again and in 4K/60 FPS, here’s some good news. The game will arrive next week, on the 25th. See details here!

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