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Black Mirror: Everything we know about season 7 of the Netflix series



Season 7 of Black Mirror already promises some nice surprises: release window, casting, continuation of an iconic episode, we tell you everything we know about this new part of the Netflix anthology series.

Among the series that marked the last decade, Black Mirror is clearly at the top of the list. It must be said that the Netflix production hit the mark from its beginnings in 2011, launching into the adventure with a shocking pilot featuring an English Prime Minister and a sow in an unsavory situation.


Beyond its striking and deliberately provocative tone, the creation of showrunner Charlie Brooker seeks above all to question our relationships with the media and the screens. the anthological format allowed the creation of episodes, each more original than the last, offering welcome independence for more points of view on the same subject.

The series already has 6 seasons under its belt, in addition to the interactive film Bandersnatch. And a seventh chapter will soon join the Netflix catalog. We tell you everything we know about season 7 of Black Mirrorwhich already promises some nice surprises.



Season 7 of Black Mirror is it in development?

Yes, season 7 of Black Mirror is well in development at Netflix.

The information was initially revealed by Variety, confirming the many rumors about the return of the series after a successful season 6. The decision to continue reassured many viewers at the time, as it came at the same time as other productions from the streaming giant were canceled, such as Shadown and Bone.


Is there a release date for season 7 of Black Mirror ?

Season 7 of Black Mirror will officially release in 2025, but does not yet have a specific release date.

It was during the Next on Netflix event on March 14, 2024 that the platform announced the release window for season 7 of its iconic series.


For its part, Variety had already reported that Charlie Brooker, Annabel Jones and Jessica Rhodes would be back at the helm of the anthology work, with filming scheduled to begin later in 2024.

What can we expect for the plot of the season 7 episodes of Black Mirror ?

At this point, plot details are being kept under wraps, but we already know that an iconic episode of Black Mirror will be continued in season 7.


It was in a short teaser on YouTube that Netflix made the announcement: the episode “USS Callister” from season 4 will get a sequel. In total, season 7 will offer six episodes to viewers. We can therefore deduce that apart from this “second part”, the rest will keep the anthological format specific to Black Mirror.

Charlie Brooker previously explained that future seasons could explore literally any subject. Indeed, in an interview for Tudum, Netflix's information site, the showrunner explained his point of view: “I always thought that Black Mirror should represent stories that are distinct from each other, and continue to surprise people – myself included. What’s the point otherwise? The series must be difficult to define itself, it must continually reinvent itself.


For Digital Spy, the filmmaker addressed the question of the techniques used until then: “I have never done an animated or musical episode.” And already, the showrunner looked back on his experience with the iconic episode USS Callisterwho marked it: “Oddly enough, that's where 'USS Callister' came from – because I was looking for a story that would work for a musical, and then the episode became USS Callister.

Perhaps we should expect that the continuation of the fantasy of a Star Trek in virtual reality is precisely a musical comedy, pushing the original idea to the end.


Cast of season 7 of Black Mirror : who could appear in the casting?

As of today, no official listing has been shared by Netflix for season 7 of Black Mirror.

uss callister episode of black mirror interior of the ship

The episode USS Callister will certainly be entitled to a sequel, but nothing says that its cast will also be back: we could just as easily present a new story taken from the same universe, but detached from the adventures of the original characters. We could also imagine an episode focusing on Tommy, the son of one of the heroes stuck in the video game Infinity.

However, if the same protagonists were to reappear, we should find the following actors:

  • Jesse Plemons – Robert Daly
  • Cristin Milioti – Nanette Cole
  • Jimmi Simpson–Walton
  • Michaela Coel – Shania
  • Billy Magnussek – Valdak
  • Milanka Brooks – Elena Tulaska
  • Osy Ikhile – Nate Packer
  • Paul G. Raymond – Kabir Dudani

Although nothing has been confirmed at this stage, it is entirely likely that Black Mirror is relying on big names for its season 7, as the Netflix series has often done with its previous seasons.

We will keep this space updated as information is shared.

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