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Black Ops 6: These six iconic maps that Treyarch must remaster



Treyarch has developed some of the best maps in Call of Duty history, with the Black Ops series being home to many incredible memories over the years. Although Black Ops 6 promises 16 new original maps, there are also some classics worth remastering to give players that dose of nostalgia they love so much.

No one will be surprised when maps like Nuketown, Raid, Standoff, or Firing Range are announced for Black Ops 6, as these maps are regularly re-introduced into Black Ops games. However, there are a few rare gems that haven’t yet been remastered and deserve to be.

Whether it’s classics from the original Black Ops game or underrated picks from BO3 or BO4, here are six maps worth remastering in Black Ops 6.

Meltdown (Black Ops 2)

Black Ops 2 Meltdown Map

Meltdown is perhaps one of the most underrated maps in Call of Duty, probably because it was a part of Black Ops 2, surrounded by some of the best maps in the history of CoD and FPS in general.

It was difficult for Meltdown to shine alongside Raid, Standoff, Slums and so many others, but it would certainly stand out more today.

Fringe (Black Ops 3)

Black Ops 3 Fringe map

Black Ops 3 is often considered the best CoD with jetpacks, and Fringe was arguably that game’s best map. It had a clear, defined three-lane system, but with enough nuance to feel different every playthrough. The clashes took place in a compact and well-designed area, allowing for fluid and fast gameplay.

Some adjustments would probably need to be made, for example to the back of the barn and the side of the train, to better accommodate a game without jetpacks, as the map was originally designed with this advanced move in mind.

Hacienda (Black Ops 4)

Black Ops 4 Hacienda map

Black Ops 4 is often overlooked by CoD fans and represents, for many, a low point in the franchise. It came out between the years divided by jetpacks and the huge explosion of MW2019 and Warzone, so it’s often forgotten when fans talk about their favorite games.

However, Hacienda was one of the best maps in Black Ops 4 and was excellent for almost every mode. With gameplay centered around the sides of the central courtyard, it’s easy to traverse the map, take interesting routes, and gain good positions on your opponents.

Launch (Black Ops)

Black Ops Launch Map

Back in 2010 with Black Ops 1 where Treyarch began to offer us classics, including maps like Nuketown and Firing Range.

Choosing a card to remaster wasn’t easy, but Launch is an underrated option worth returning to. This map never lacked for fun moments, thanks in particular to the rocket launch mid-game.

Cargo (Black Ops 2)

Black Ops 2 Cargo Map

This article could easily be filled with more than six maps from Black Ops 2, but for variety, the one we’d like to see return with Meltdown is Cargo.

The fights that took place around the center of the map were addictive, and if you played the edges of Cargo well, you could win almost every game and rack up valuable scorestreaks. Additionally, it would be very interesting to see maps like Cargo with the new multi-directional movement system, with the height of the map providing a perfect testing area for improved movement.

Evac (Black Ops 3)

Black Ops 3 Evac Map

Evac is another Black Ops 3 map worth remastering, although it could use some tweaking to better suit a game without jetpacks. However, Evac could really work for a game like Black Ops 6, being a great card of its time.

While the map excelled in modes like Uplink, which was incredibly fun, much of it is grounded and as a result, modes like Strategic Point and Domination would still be a lot of fun here.

Obviously, this list could have included many other maps. Other iconic Treyarch maps like Hanoi, Plaza, Carrier, Arsenal, Breach, and more carry special memories for long-time CoD players and Black Ops fans.

That said, these six cards offer a decent amount of variety and are all great for different game modes and playstyles, meaning they could satisfy most of the player base.

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