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Black Ops 6 will reintroduce an emblematic map of the franchise



Black Ops 6 sees the return of one of Call of Duty’s most popular maps, with players spotting an easter egg during Treyarch’s presentation.

The reveal of Black Ops 6 on June 9 generated a lot of excitement within the community. Not only are players eager to experience the new multi-directional movement, but many have praised Treyarch for the return of beloved features like the classic prestige system and Zombies mode with a sleeve system.

Speaking of the returning features, players have also spotted Nuketown during the global reveal of Black Ops 6, one of the most iconic maps in the entire Call of Duty franchise.

During the HUD section, players got their first look at the Black Ops 6 multiplayer lobby UI. And in the lower left corner of the lobby, players got a glimpse of the selected map and mode, revealing Domination over Nuketown .

Nuketown has returned in every Black Ops title since its first introduction in Black Ops 1 (2010), most recently returning in Black Ops Cold War (2020). So it’s not really surprising to see her return in BO6.

According to Treyarch, Black Ops 6 will feature 16 new maps at launch. Nuketown is an existing map, so it is uncertain if it will be included in the 16 launch maps, as it is not technically new.

So, maybe Nuketown will return in a seasonal update, or maybe it’s been overhauled to the point that they’re considering it a new map. Either way, it’s clear that she will be present in the game, which has filled players with joy.

Under CharlieIntel’s post highlighting the new lobby interface and Nuketown, a comment read: “Nuketown is a VICTORY.” Another added: “LET’S GOOOOO NUKETOWN.

As we get closer to the Call of Duty Next event, we’ll likely get more information and gameplay, and perhaps discover more details about Nuketown in Black Ops 6.

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