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Blizzard must lay off 136 employees in Ireland



Another day, another news about layoffs in the gaming industry. This time, at the Blizzard office in Cork city, Ireland.

According to the Irish Examiner, 136 people will lose their jobs at the studio, founded in 2007 and which currently has around 200 employees. The company also has a base in Dublin, but this appears to be unaffected for now.

Last month, Blizzard Entertainment informed both employees and the government about possible layoffs at its Irish operations, but did not confirm how many employees would be affected. Now it looks like it's set.

And, to make matters worse, the company does not want to maintain a dialogue with representatives elected by the developers to discuss the matter.

Microsoft: Activision Blizzard layoffs were not because of the merger

After being charged by the FTC, the North American regulatory body, over last month's mass layoffs, Microsoft spoke out. The VGC website had access to a document sent by the company to the court where the complaint was made, guaranteeing that the layoff at Activision/Blizzard had no relation to its acquisition of the studios. According to the company, this cost cutting had been planned for some time. Read more here.

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