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Bloodborne in Astro’s Playroom “means nothing”



The announcement of Astro Bot was also accompanied by news in Astro’s Playroom. Team Asobi added new bots for players to find in the stages and one of them is Lady Maria from the Bloodborne DLC. Because it is such a beloved (and long forgotten) IP, the community began to speculate about the possibilities of a return, but the studio has already thrown cold water on it.

In a statement to the Eurogamer website, Team Asobi director Nicolas Doucet said that “There is no hidden meaning (to the presence of a Bloodborne character). It’s just a celebration of all of PlayStation history.”

The developer explained that the studio’s focus was to give due attention to characters from the various franchises that belong to the PlayStation. In fact, Astro Bot 2 will feature more than 150 special appearances and the free update to Astro’s Playroom was just a demonstration.

Bloodborne in Astro’s Playroom and what else?

In addition to Lady Maria, other bots appeared in the game and Team Asobi added new trophies related to the presences that arrived. Furthermore, the PlayStation Portal itself appeared at PlayStation HQ within the game and there is a special interaction with the device. Know more!

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