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Bug or advantage? Call of Duty would have a special item in the Fallout bundle



Call of Duty Modern Warfare III and Warzone players received the option to purchase an interesting bundle with Fallout-inspired items this week. However, Activision appears to have delivered something of a suspicious advantage through targeting the bundle’s weapon design.

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According to the Charlie Intel portal, the FSS Specter Microtherm would need to function as the thermal sight for other equipment. However, she seems to have something special. Even when opposing agents use the Cold Blood perk, which should make them undetectable, the item makes them stand out.

The YouTuber known as Metaphor classified this feature as a “pay to win” advantage and made a video to show how this aim is capable of unbalancing the experience. Check out:

As you can see from the content creator’s comments, these resources are quite broken compared to other Call of Duty equipment.

What comes in the Fallout pack in Call of Duty?

In addition to the weapon blueprint for Call of Duty Modern Warfare III and Warzone, the Fallout pack includes four Vault 141 skins and other interesting items. Check out more information by clicking this link!

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