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Call of Duty Warzone's “appetizing” SMGs suffer nerfs



In an update for Call of Duty Warzone released last Tuesday (19), Activision decided to change the two most popular submachine guns in the battle royale. The RAM-9 and HRM-9 have suffered nerfs in their firepower to give operators more versatility in their choices.

The changes to the RAM-9 included a reduction in its short-medium range damage from 27 to 24 and its average damage from 24 to 22. The HRM-9 had its maximum damage range reduced from 12.95 meters to 11, 30 meters. These changes, although not massive, should balance the faster confrontations.

In fact, the RAM-9 had been highly praised by the community, as you can confirm in the video below:

Additionally, the latest update disabled the Night Vision Gulag event, which occurred randomly on rare occasions. To address this, Activision decided to remove and replace all laser attachments on Gulag loadouts.

Continuing with the news, the new Soulrender melee weapon also had a small improvement by no longer causing a delay after being selected when exchanging with other equipment.

Fortune's Keep killcam and glitch issue resolved in Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone players discovered a bug involving killcams and another mishap in the Research Vessel of Fortune's Keep, where a glitch caused out-of-control vehicles to annihilate players. Both have been resolved with the new patch and should no longer happen.

On the other hand, this change in the power of battle royale weapons could further strengthen a community complaint. According to some players, medium-range confrontations are increasingly longer and do not make sense in gameplay. Find out more here!

Did you like the changes? Which SMG will you use from now on?

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