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Can we hope for a crossover between The Boys and Gen V? The showrunner responds



Fans of The Boys And Gen V Hoping for a crossover aren’t completely hopeless, but they probably won’t get the high-profile event they’re hoping for.

Showrunner Eric Kripke spoke with Variety from season 4 of The Boys currently in progress, but also season 2 of Gen V which is currently filming. He was then asked about what seems almost inevitable: when will the long-awaited crossover take place?

It makes sense that fans would want a big crossover event between the two Prime Video series, but Kripke was quick to dash those hopes.

“I like the idea of ​​there being threads and easter eggs popping up on both sides, but them completely coming together — no. I live in complete fear of this notion that you have to watch both to understand either. » Kripke explained.

This might seem a bit odd, considering how many storylines are brewing to overlap between the two series. We notably saw several characters from Gen Vnamely Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan, in one of the trailers for season 4 of The Boys.

A previous trailer also confirmed that the famous Supe Virus, which debuted in Gen Vwould be a central plot point in season 4 of The Boys.

We must therefore understand by this that Kripke’s desire is not to keep the elements of the plot separate, but rather to ensure that one series is not necessary to understand the other.

“To me, it’s like, if you want to watch The Boys and you don’t want to watch this other show, don’t watch it. If you want to watch Gen V and not watch The Boys — and I actually know a lot of people who do that — great.

“They each have their own story. They each have their own reason for being. They must each be good enough to exist without the other existing. But I don’t give homework to the public. »

For the moment, The Boys And Gen V will remain two separate entities, but there are plenty of opportunities ahead, especially with more spin-offs from The Boys in preparation, in particular The Boys: Mexico and an animated series faithful to the comics.

The new episodes of season 4 of The Boys are broadcast on Wednesdays on Prime Video. In the meantime, you can also refresh your memory with our summary of previous seasons. Also discover how season 4 was censored because of this scene deemed too explicit.

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