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Canceled, Disco Elysium expansion would be “too hardcore”



Disco Elysium’s standalone expansion, canceled in February and possibly focused on Kim Kitsuragi, was almost ready. This spin-off, internally called X7, could have been released in 2025. According to screenwriter Dora Klindžić, in an interview with PC Gamer, this project would be “110% authentic, the most hardcore Disco since Disco.”

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After release, a public legal dispute between the title’s creators and IP owners resulted in several layoffs at developer ZA/UM. Internally, this project had been named X7.

The X7 would have “advanced the story, emotional and gameplay elements to evolve the psychological RPG genre pioneered by Disco Elysium.” An internal demo was shown at the end of 2023, impressing the other ZA/UM teams, but unfortunately, it did not go ahead.

Klindžić commented: “It was something only Argo could have done. For a time, it seemed like miracles were possible, and with them, redemption.“. The loss of this expansion is a blow to fans of moody narrative RPGs.

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