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Capcom may have abandoned Dino Crisis before Exoprimal



New rumors indicate that Capcom was discussing plans to revive the Dino Crisis franchise. However, the classic horror and action series for the PlayStation would have been left aside some time later, with the launch of the shooter Exoprimal.

The information was released by insider Jeff Grubb and also suggests another point of view. In the most recent episode of Games Mess Mornings, he commented that the acclaimed dinosaur survival saga may have become the GaaS of 2023.

Additionally, Grubb gives hope to fans who believe in a Dino Crisis return. As the games were reportedly in discussions behind the scenes, “there's still a chance they're working on a new game.”

What I've heard from Dino Crisis is something they're thinking about doing, or something they're doing. The problem is, I heard this before Exoprimal, and then I saw Exoprimal and thought, 'Is this what I was being warned about?'.

And so I wasn't sure, but there's still a chance that they're working on a new game and it's been a few years, and we'll start seeing it soon. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

dino crisis 2dino crisis 2
Source: Capcom

It is worth mentioning that Capcom has not commented anything about the production of a remake or a sequel to the survival horror. Therefore, all information must be treated as rumors.

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