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Capcom releases guide for playing as Ed



Ed is the next fighter to join the Street Fighter 6 roster. Focusing on boxing moves, the character had a special guide released on Capcom channels, so players will understand how his mechanics work before he debuts on February 27th.

In the content, Ed throws several powerful punches and manages to put together incredible sequences capable of causing a lot of damage. Whoever manages to master the execution will have a very appealing option in their arsenal by the looks of it. Check it out below:

Ed's special moves in Street Fighter 6 are:

  • Psycho Spark: a short-range attack that is used as a combo finisher;
  • Psycho Uppercut: a blow that sends enemies into the air;
  • Psycho Blitz: a series of enhanced punches;
  • Psycho Flicker: a quick attack that can be strengthened by holding specific buttons, turning it into a grappling blow;
  • Kill Rush: An ability that allows Ed to quickly move in and out of his opponents' range.

Ed can also use his super meters in a variety of ways, such as with Psycho Storm's series of punches, controlling the arena with an energy ball created by Psycho Cannon, or spending all his resources when using the level 3 Psycho Chamber.

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