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CDPR promises innovation in the new The Witcher: “we've never done it”



That a new The Witcher is in production is nothing new. But CD Projekt RED hopes that when it comes out, probably in a few years, people will realize that the game itself will be full of new things. “Never made” by the company. Without relying on the success of Geralt's last adventure, released in 2015 and still acclaimed by fans today.

During a recent presentation to investors, Michał Nowakowski, one of the studio's executive directors, promised innovations and risks in the development of the new The Witcher – or Project Polaris, as it is being called internally.

“Making a new game always involves a creative risk, especially since now we are trying to push new boundaries and explore new fields, to do something we have never done before. Basically, I guess I'm saying that you shouldn't just expect a revamped Witcher 3. I mean, of course we're building on what's been done before and on the lessons learned, but we'll be adding new things, new elements, new gameplay elements, new mechanics that you haven't seen in our previous games.”he highlighted.

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Currently, the CDPR team is very focused on the new The Witcher, with 403 of the studio's 627 employees dedicated to the title.

New The Witcher is in pre-production

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