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characters will have unique exploration skills



Square Enix held a State of Play to provide more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and successfully accomplished the mission. According to the RPG's creators, exploration beyond Midgar will have strategic and fun tones thanks to the cast of adventurers and their skills.

As explained during the event, several areas will only be accessible when the group is complete, so players will need to return to them throughout the gameplay. This will work this way because of the skills of the team members, who will be able to jump, explode or aim in certain locations.

Just like in the film Advent Children, Tifa will have a hook that makes her jump to higher places. Barret will be able to knock down stairs and open a path with his machine gun, while Red XIII will climb up walls to pull objects with his strength.

Just like in the Intermission DLC, Yuffie will be able to hang from ropes and swing around the scene. Meanwhile, Aerith will use her Cetra powers to manipulate the Lifestream.

This will add strategic layers to exploration in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as seen in the video below:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have a surprising outcome, says Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura, creative director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, confirmed that the outcome of the second part of the project may surprise people. Will it be in a positive or negative way? “You guys need to play.” Look here!

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