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Cheating in Tekken 8 turns player into giant hat



One thing we've learned over time is that cheaters will find a way to win, no matter what. New proof of this happened this week in Tekken 8, when a viral video showed a hack where the fighter transforms into a bizarre giant hat.

The clip released on X causes a certain strangeness and reveals that the opponents have practically no chance against the hat. This is because in addition to being around 500% in size compared to a normal accessory, it is quite unpredictable.

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Through the interface, it is possible to see that the cheater took on the role of Yoshimitsu. However, its controversial look opens up an unfair gap in Tekken 8, both because it takes up a lot of screen space and because the blows come from directions that are difficult to identify.

Check it out below:

It is worth remembering that the game's online mode has extensive customization features, but nothing that refers to considerably increasing the size of a cosmetic. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that the player activated the game files in his favor.

The game's director, Katsuhiro Harada, was tagged in the post, but has not yet commented on the case.

Tekken 8 is available for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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