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Check out the launch trailer for Alone in the Dark



Alone in the Dark has arrived! With it, THQ Nordic released a very complete launch trailer, creating a very pleasant horror atmosphere for fans of the genre. It's just over two and a half minutes showing a little bit of what you'll find in the mysterious Derceto.

“A disturbing letter sent by a missing person. A madhouse shrouded in intrigue, keeping a terrible secret. Private investigator Edward Carnby and his client Emily Hartwood find themselves in a desperate fight for survival as reality begins to crumble around them,” the video description reads.

Check it out below and dive into a deep psychological story created by cult horror writer Mikael Hedberg (SOMA, Amnesia) and experience this nightmare controlling its two protagonists, played by Jodie Comer (Killing Eve, Free Guy) and David Harbor (Stranger Things, Black Widow).

The title was officially released this Wednesday, March 20, for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

Alone in the Dark: is it worth it?

32 years ago, Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby began a mysterious investigation at the Derceto mansion that forever changed the history of video games. There was born a survival horror genre that we know today, acclaimed in franchises such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Now, Alone in the Dark returns in a very different context.

When the original was released, for example, the PlayStation didn't even exist. Today, we are in its fifth version – the most robust and powerful of all. So, THQ Nordic made a huge investment so that this “new vision” of a classic would live up to its legacy. It focused on modern gameplay, longer duration and adjustments to the script.

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