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Chocobos from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth invade Google



One of the great new features of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be the possibility of riding a Chocobo when exploring the environments. And to celebrate the launch of the game, Google decided to deliver a little surprise to anyone searching for creatures in its domain.

When typing the word “Chocobo” in the search bar, an interaction button appears at the bottom of your screen. This works on both PC and mobile devices. If you decide to click on the icon with the little monster, several of them will take over your screen as if they were competing in a race.

This search function for Chocobos on Google was announced on the official Square Enix page after internet user Genki shared the news with his followers. One of them was even lucky enough to summon a herd and spot Cloud with his Buster Sword in their midst. Check out:

It is not known how long this interaction will be maintained on the search platform, so take advantage of the FF VII Rebirth hype to share this news with your friends!

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It's time! Watch the launch trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

The wait is over, Sephiroth! Cloud and his Avalanche friends will finally see the consequences of facing fate in the outcome of FF VII Remake. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is among us and the launch trailer can be seen here!

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