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Chrono Trigger director asks fans about remake



Chrono Trigger is one of the most acclaimed games of all time, and the most old school Can't wait for a remake. Long time. But this time, it looks like something might be coming. A recent interview by Yoshinori Kitase on the My Perfect Console podcast, the game's director who also worked as a producer on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, gave players hope.

The big question he raised was: what fans really want with a possible “modernization” of Chrono Trigger.

“If players were to play this game today, what would be the most favorable way in which it is presented?” Kitase asked. “Would it be something directly like it was before on a modern platform/console? Or would it be something where the graphics are remastered? Or would it be something like Final Fantasy VII Remake, where the game design and visuals are completely revamped and updated to meet modern trends?”

Obviously, this is not a confirmation that there will be a remake. On the other hand, there are also rumors that it is already in the works – and would be an HD-2D in the style of the 2022 version of Live A Live, with the pixel art graphics of the original being combined with a more 3D environment. It will be? Let's wait for news on the next chapters.

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