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Classic Kratos could appear in Fortnite, says insider



Pandora's Box was opened on the Island, traces of an imminent season focused on Greek mythology began to appear in droves during gameplay, and finally, the God of War could return to Fortnite. Not in its 2018 version with a beard and shield, but with the look of the classic games released for PS2.

The person who stated this was insider ShiinaBR, a specialist in providing information about the battle royale on social media. According to him, a young edition of Spartan was mentioned by Epic Games itself in a recent survey. Is there a better time to call the godslayer back? Check out:

In a new search, Epic Games mentioned β€œ(2005) God of War”. These searches often include future collaborations, so if Epic plans to add young Kratos to Fortnite, there's really no better time than adding him into a Greek mythology season. Thank you Ibra Ytti for the information!

So far, Epic Games has not confirmed the addition of a new Spartan look to the free title. That said, it's worth waiting for more information before creating expectations β€” but that would be cool, right?

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