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Closing of Final Fantasy VII Remake will have legendary composer



Final Fantasy VII Remake

Nobuo Uematsu, legendary composer of the Final Fantasy franchise, will be in the final part of Final Fantasy VII Remake. He said it would be “an honor” to work alongside creative director Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix to bring Cloud Strife’s journey to an end.

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During a broadcast held on the Square Enix Music Channel, Uematsu had the opportunity to speak with Nomura and the screenwriter, Kazushige Nojima, to discuss the production of the track “No Promises to Keep”, by Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack would be a “gentleman’s agreement”

At one point, the director made a “gentleman's agreement” by asking the composer to return to the franchise to conclude the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. The artist promptly replied that “it would be an honor”. Check it out below:

Although Uematsu recently spoke about his career coming to an end, he agreed on camera to finish the set and compose the main theme for the as-yet-untitled third game in the trilogy.

Nomura: 'Since you worked on the first and second game in the series, it stands to reason that you'll have to come back for the third. Not that we've made it official yet, but I'd like to believe you're guaranteed the next title? You're going to do it, right?

Again, this is not an official statement or offer. Just a gentlemen's agreement perhaps? You'll be back for the third game, right?'

Uematsu: 'It would be an honor.'

It is worth remembering that, recently, the composer suggested that he would no longer work on a game's complete soundtrack. Therefore, it is possible that he will return in Final Fantasy VII Remake in the credits of some songs.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for PS4 and PS5. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is exclusive to PlayStation 5.

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