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CoD Next 2024: how to watch the Black Ops 6 multiplayer reveal



Call of Duty fans got their first look at Black Ops 6 gameplay during the Xbox Showcase, but an even deeper dive into multiplayer is planned during CoD Next 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about this event.

Black Ops 6 will officially release on October 25, bringing a new single-player campaign and new multiplayer with revisited moves. After fans got a first look at the Xbox Game Showcase, the next deep dive is planned at Call of Duty Next 2024.

So here’s when CoD Next will take place this year, as well as how you can attend the event.

Black Ops 6 multiplayer reveal date during CoD Next

CoD Next is planned for Wednesday August 28, 2024, but the official start time has not yet been announced. We don’t know how long the event will last, but it will likely be much longer than the BO6 Direct that took place after the Xbox Game Showcase, which lasted around 25 minutes.

Black Ops 6 multiplayer reveal during CoD Next will be streamed live on official Call of Duty channels, like YouTube and Twitch. Just head to your favorite platform to follow every major announcement live.

As with previous CoD Next events, popular content creators will also be there in person to play Black Ops 6 for the first time, so you can also head to your favorite streamer’s channel to see them take on multiplayer .

Operator Adler Black Ops 6

CoD Next will feature BO6 and all the new additions.

What to expect at CoD Next 2024

Call of Duty Next 2024 will take us deep into Black Ops 6’s multiplayer mode, where fans will be able to see new maps, weapons, and features like multi-directional movement in action. Although we’ve already had a preview, this is where Treyarch will show off the multiplayer in detail, with new videos and gameplay.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, that’s also likely when we’ll get more details about Warzone’s next chapter. The battle royale still fits in with the latest installment, so expect Raven Software to explain how BO6 will influence the game moving forward.

We already know that Warzone will feature weapons and skins from MW2 and MW3, as well as Black Ops 6, while introducing the new multi-directional movement features. But fans can also expect to hear about new features exclusive to Warzone, including which map will be used for this new era.

According to leaks, the iconic Verdansk is set to replace Urzikstan as BR’s main map, making its return for the first time since Caldera’s arrival with Vanguard. If confirmed, CoD Next will give fans a look at the return of this map and how it has been updated to work with the new features added in recent years.

On top of all that, the event will show off even more content on Black Ops 6’s Zombies mode with all the new additions coming soon. The developers have already confirmed that this year’s version will be based on a sleeve system, which immediately excited fans.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Black Ops 6 multiplayer reveal during Call of Duty Next.

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