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CoD players hope Black Ops 6 will bring a lot more realism



Call of Duty players have once again expressed their frustration with cosmetics and skin packs in recent games, calling for major changes in Black Ops 6.

Over the years, Call of Duty cosmetics have evolved exponentially. Those who left the franchise after the days of going all out for Spring camo in the first Modern Warfare 2 probably wouldn’t recognize the Gundam skins and Nicki Minaj Operators roaming around Warzone and MW3 in 2024.

This has upset some players, especially those who want a more realistic military experience, close to the CoD of old. Now, players are demanding a return to simplicity with Black Ops 6, which releases on October 25.

COD once had an identity, it was the tactical shooter that took itself seriously, even if the community didn’t always reflect that“, said a user in a post on the Black Ops 6 subreddit, before adding: “Now it’s a clown show with laser guns because according to some CoD ‘was never a realistic game’.

Gundam Operator in Modern Warfare 3

Certain cosmetics, like the Gundam Operator skin in Modern Warfare 3, have frustrated many players.

Many of the more than 200 comments on the Reddit post largely agreed with this opinion, with the top-voted comment simply saying he wouldn’t be against it.if they took away all the operators and made us run around as generic military soldiers“, but keeping some of the more extravagant weapon skins.

In response, one player added that the remastered version of Modern Warfare from 2017 did it well, while another explained that Riot Games’ FPS Valorant did a better job at it: “No cosmetics that alter the characters’ silhouettes, not even recolors for the Agents. They put all the emphasis on weapon cosmetics, and they honestly have some really awesome skins. This means you always know which character you’re looking at.

Obviously, Valorant is a much different game than Call of Duty, as knowing which Agent your opponent is using is essential to following the progress of a round and knowing what to expect based on their abilities.

While many players are clamoring for more realism in Call of Duty, Activision Blizzard revealed in 2022 that over $5 billion in revenue came from microtransactions and downloadable content, so it’s clear that there is a real desire among players for this type of content. Given this, Activision is unlikely to remove these types of cosmetics anytime soon.

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