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Compare Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's graphical modes



Modos graficos de Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's graphic modes have already been tested in the RPG demo, released on Tuesday night (6) for free on the PS Store. The person who brought the most recent analysis of the Square Enix game was the ElAnalistaDeBits channel on its YouTube channel.

With 60 FPS Performance Mode and 30 FPS Graphics Mode, the title showed small drops in frame rate during exploration and the execution of certain cinematics. At certain times, the 30 FPS limitation is even overcome and frames reach 33 FPS.

Speaking of graphics, Graphics Mode has a higher resolution and better-crafted textures, especially in smaller details, like Cloud's hair. Shadows behave differently depending on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's graphical modes, but are more refined at 30 FPS.

Check out the comparison below:

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29th exclusively for PS5. Taking advantage, the demo shown in the video above will receive new content, such as the Junon area, closer to the title's release date. Ever experienced?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth graphical modes were shown at State of Play

In the new trailer shown at State of Play, Square Enix tried to show both graphical modes of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in action. Check out how it turned out by clicking here!

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