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Compare Horizon Forbidden West running on PS5 vs PC



Available a few weeks ago for PC, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition has been impressive in terms of graphics. To prove the point, YouTuber “ElAnalistaDeBits” posted a video comparing it with the PS5 version and highlighted the main technical aspects of the port.

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According to the material, the title has five graphic modes on PC. There is a native 4K experience with DLSS turned off, while the technology enabled supports Quality, Balanced, Performance and Ultra Performance.

Even on “Very Low” settings, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition introduces a world rich in detail. The high-resolution textures are exquisite and match those of the PS5, containing a high level of detail for scenery, hair, effects and more.

In addition, there is greater emphasis on environmental occlusion in the mode that prioritizes resolution, as well as water reflections, terrain quality and translucency. Finally, the video compares frame rates, with Ultra Performance (GPU 4080 Super) reaching over 120 FPS in certain instances.

Watch below:

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is available for PS5 and PC.

Horizon Forbidden West patch on PC improves HDR and DLSS 3

Last week, Nixxes released a patch for Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition to fix problems on PC. The update focuses on supported technologies and allows access to improvements through HDR and DLSS 3. Click here to learn more.

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