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comparison with NieR leaves director amazed



Shift Up made no secret of the fact that NieR, Bayonetta and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice inspired several of Stellar Blade's elements, but one of them left director Hyung-Tae Kim flattered by the comparisons. A big fan of Yoko Taro, he said he was honored by the comparisons made by internet users.

Hyung-Tae Kim confirmed this during an interview with GamesRadar+. Aware that many players named the game Korean NieR, he tried to emphasize: “there are some differences”. Check it out below:

NieR was very important as an inspiration for the development of our games. It's a wonderful title that we are inspired by. I'm a big fan of Yoko Taro. But if you actually manage to play Stellar Blade, you'll find that the gameplay isn't very similar. They are very different. We pay homage to the games we play, but when you actually play, you'll see some differences. But being called “Korean Nier” and being influenced by a title like that is a great honor.

image of Stellar Blade with a woman, a child and a manimage of Stellar Blade with a woman, a child and a man
Source: Shift Up

Stellar Blade will launch exclusively on PS5 on April 26th. Ready for this new odyssey with Eve?

Stellar Blade's main campaign can last up to 25 hours

And for those who like to plan ahead in the gameplay of their favorite games, here's a warning: Stellar Blade will have around 25 hours of campaign. Anyone who wants to do secondary missions and other activities can double this time. Look here!

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