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Content Warning already has a mod that increases the number of players



The new game of the moment Content Warning has already received a mod which increases the maximum number of players per session. Here's how it works.

Content Warning is one of those games that appears suddenly and goes viral within hours, like the similar indie horror game Lethal Company released in 2023. However, the new April 1 release by Landfill Games allows players to become buzz-hungry content creators in the game by filming horror videos in a haunted factory.

In this game, you can team up with up to three other friends to create scary in-game content. While the indie game is available for free until April 2, 2024 at 6 p.m.a mod already allows you to exceed the maximum number of players per session beyond four.

A team of modders at shared their creation on X/Twitter, which shows around eight to ten players in a single exploration session in Content Warning. This mod represents a breakthrough for players who find filming viral content difficult due to restrictions on filming space or the battery health of their equipment.

It's incredible, it's hilarious“, said a player. “Hell, you modders work fast“, said another user. The modders also shared the link to their Discord server where interested players can download the mod and get it working in the game, alongside Content Warning's modding community server.

However, Landfall recently released a patch that fixes infinite spawns in the game, so players are wondering whether the mod will work after the patch or not. Regardless, this mod opens up several aspects for the modding community to come up with new ideas for such add-ons that would only increase the fun players have in Content Warning.

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