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Controversial and “misunderstood”, Ground Zeroes turns ten



Time passes quickly, right? It seems like just yesterday that we were all shocked by the release of a Metal Gear Solid V that wasn't Metal Gear Solid V, but rather the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V. One of those kojimices that divide the gaming world. Ground Zeroes celebrates, this March 20th, exactly a decade since its release.

Introduction to the epic saga of MGS V, it is set in 1975 and puts players in control of Snake on a dangerous mission to rescue two prisoners in a secret military base called Camp Omega.

With its traditional stealth gameplay, the game offers multiple paths to achieve objectives, allowing players to experiment with different approaches and the play styles they like most. In addition to the main mission, it features challenging side missions and additional content, encouraging exploration and replay.

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An interesting detail is that, on last year's anniversary, Hideo Kojima gave more details about the game's development strategy. According to the legendary producer, the game was an “experiment” not understood by fans and ended up disappointing for not proving itself as a “complete game”. Remember here.

Ground Zeroes was planned as a PSP game

According to the founder of Kojima Productions, the beginning of Punished “Venom” Snake's final adventure should have arrived on the PSP, instead of the PS3. The title would take place shortly after the events of Peace Walker and would connect newcomers to the franchise and long-time veterans. Find out more about this story here.

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