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crossover with FF XVI has leaked items



The long-awaited crossover between Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy XIV will take place in April, but it looks like Square Enix will have to deal with an annoying situation. Dataminers managed to find the collaboration items within the MMORPG ahead of time.

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Apparently, the news package is not yet complete. Three items focused on Clive Rosfield's adventure can be seen in the publication of Dividusan internet user who announced the cosmetics in advance on the internet.

One of them is the invocation of Torgal, a type of super powerful dog that accompanies the protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI during his adventures. Next to it, a kind of pendant/plush inspired by the animal is also present. Closing the package, Clive's greaves (boots) appear in the data as well.

Of course, it's worth waiting for Square Enix to officially release more news soon, after all, the items can already be found in the Final Fantasy XIV files. Do you intend to take advantage of their addition to gameplay?

“Final Fantasy XIV could have more stress,” says Yoshi-P

In a chat with Famitsu, Naoki Yoshida was sincere when talking about Final Fantasy XIV. For him, the game should be slightly more stressful for players. Understand better here!

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