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Crow Country will be released on May 9th for PS5



A new horror game with a retro aesthetic will arrive on PS5 on May 9th. Inspired by 32-bit classics, Crow Country is a survival horror that combines puzzles, exploration and atmosphere in the PlayStation One style.

Anyone who played Final Fantasy 7 in the 1990s will visually identify with the game. In the title, players take on the role of Mara Forest, a young woman who decides to investigate the disappearance of Edward Crow, owner of a park that mysteriously closed two years ago.


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Now, the girl needs to explore rumors about supernatural activities there, while dealing with ghosts from her past. Would she have any relationship with the missing administrator? Check out the Crow Country trailer below:


A free demo of Crow Country is available on the PS Store. You can download the trial via this link.


Learn more about Crow Country

Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PlayStation store:

A survival horror adventure with rich atmosphere, a strong and tangible sense of place, a small but memorable cast of characters, meaningful exploration, engaging puzzles, and above all, a beautiful and strange mix of tension and tranquility.

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