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cyubeVR will be released on March 16th for PS VR2



Acclaimed on Steam, the creative game cyubeVR will be released on March 16th for PS VR2. With clear inspirations from Minecraft, the title will take the blocky world to virtual reality, bringing support for the main technologies of the PS5 headset.

In the game, players will explore a massive world, collecting resources to create, with their 3D hands, anything they can imagine. Accessible, the title will guide adventurers throughout the campaign and show how it is possible to take advantage of opportunities to reach unimaginable locations.

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The cyubeVR universe has caves, underground areas, deserts, mountains, floating islands and mountains — each area with its own particularities. Furthermore, there are no unreachable regions — players' creativity will be the limit to reach any corner and discover the secrets.

The title will also include dynamic biomes and climates, elaborate 8K textures, a focused rendering system (eye tracking) powered by Unreal Engine, compatibility with community mods, accessibility options and trophy support — with platinum.

Check out the trailer for the PS VR2 version of cyubeVR below:

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Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PS Store:

Enter the most visually stunning voxel universe, tailor-made for unparalleled immersion in VR. Explore a huge world, collect resources, create naturally with your hands in 3D and build everything you can imagine!

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