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Daft Punk expansion will be released on March 7th



Beat Games has announced that Beat Saber's next expansion will bring one of electronic music's most influential groups into virtual reality. From March 7th, players will be able to purchase an expansion with exclusive Daft Punk tracks.

The news was revealed through a teaser, where it is possible to observe details of the official art of the collaboration. However, the developers have not yet revealed how many songs will be included in the package or what they are.

Check out the announcement clip for the new Beat Saber expansion below:

Daft Punk has undoubtedly been one of the artists most requested by fans to be added to the Beat Saber playlist.

Its eclectic mix of funk, techno, disco, rock and more fits perfectly into the game's unique mechanic of cutting to the beat of the music. Stay tuned for the full track reveal upon release on March 7th.

Beat Saber is available for PS VR, PS VR2, Meta Quest and PC VR.

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