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Days of Summer takes you fishing



You are nervous? Go fishing! Reel Fishing: Days of Summer, a classic franchise launched in 1997, will arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC. The launch is scheduled for the winter period in Brazil and Natsume is very excited about the news.

According to Hiro Maekawa, executive director and president of the company, “players loved this new style so much that Reel Fishing sold more than 1 million copies on PlayStation”. For this reason, expectations surrounding the next release are high.

Reel Fishing: Days of Summer will have a lot of variety in gameplay

Unfortunately, Natsume has not yet released any trailer for Reel Fishing: Days of Summer, just the image on the cover of this article, however, there is fresh information on what the game will be like in the topics below:

  • Catch over 40 species of fish in 14 different fishing spots and craft over 70 different types of gear to attract the rarest fish;
  • This new game from Natsume seeks to revitalize the franchise by combining a nostalgic summer feel with an immersive fishing experience;
  • Players can keep fish in a beautiful aquarium while leveling up and gaining new and exciting abilities;
  • In Reel Fishing: Days of Summer, the story shows three friends going out for a day of fishing, but suddenly, a mysterious boy appears among them;

Excited to enjoy this classic on current platforms?

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