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Dead Island 2 expansion, 'SoLA' arrives on April 17th



Dead Island 2 will get a significant expansion on April 17th. It's the second story DLC for Deep Silver's game, which will take players to a new region of the City of Angels – which isn't quite as angelic, right?

“Delve headfirst into the heart of SoLA, the ultimate California music festival built on ancient grounds. Prowling the beating heart of Los Angeles' latest rave is a psychedelic rhythm that unleashed total chaos, leaving nothing but a decaying crater of gore and a malevolent presence haunting the shadows. Something is out there and it's still hungry,” says the expansion's official description.

Check out the main highlights of the DLC:

New history – A deadly virus sweeps through the Valley, transforming inhabitants into ravenous zombies while a Cthonian rhythm calls from beyond: the beat of the Autophagus. Lured to the festival by a cryptic warning message, players must explore the ruins of SoLA and put an end to this supernatural threat.

New Location – A visceral, blood-soaked music festival in the heart of HELL-A echoes to the beat, which threatens to turn the living into zombies and could soon spread out of the abandoned city and across the world.

New Enemies – Including the Scourger, a new apex variant enemy driven mad by autophage. Their compulsion to self-mutilate has turned them into a horrible nightmare of eviscerated intestines, allowing them to attack from a distance. Joining this disfigured creature is the Clotted One, another unsettling new apex zombie, who can decompose into a revolting pile of gore, becoming immune to damage in this form, and then reform elsewhere to continue the fight. Capable of firing a powerful jet of putrid blood from its heart, it is deadly both up close and at a distance.

New Legendary Weapons – Tear apart the undead with the Ripper, a deadly fusion of a baseball bat and a circular saw into a percussive dismemberment machine. For slicing from afar, try the Saw Blade Launcher: a heavy weapon that fires rotating saw blades, perfect for decapitation and dismemberment from a distance.

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Dead Island 2 is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via the Epic Games Store and will arrive on Steam on April 22nd.

Dead Island 2 arrives in the PS Plus Deluxe catalog

Dambuster Studios has announced that a 2-hour trial of Dead Island 2 is available for PS Plus Deluxe. Since February, members of the service's most expensive plan have been able to try the game and transfer saved files to the full edition. The test follows the beginning of the adventure and introduces the gameplay fundamentals to the community. Read more here.

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