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Dead Space 2 has a secret discovered and surprises even the developer



Players of Dead Space 2, a survival horror released 13 years ago, recently discovered a little-known trick to quickly obtain additional resources. And surprisingly, even one of the game's developers wasn't aware of this trick until now.

To survive against creatures in space, you need stronger equipment, purchased with credits, and other advantages against them, such as the use of exhaustion equipment, capable of making creatures very slow. To put this together, you need to do your exploration and interact with the stations to buy the features.

But there's an even quicker way to fill your pockets. The trick is to break the ATMs, purchasing stations spread across the ship, so they leave credits and other advantages on the floor for survivors to do well in Dead Space 2. Check it out below:

13 years and I've only now realized you can destroy the ATMs and get credits and the ig medical stations? And get stasis.
byu/wetodd1337 inDeadSpace

13 years and I only now realized that it is possible to destroy ATMs and obtain credits at them and at medical stations? And get exhaustion.

That many Internet users would react in a surprised way was expected, but this time, even one of the developers said he wasn't aware of this interaction in Dead Space 2. Seth Hall, visual effects director at Visceral Games, reacted: “Hah! I worked on Dead Space as a visual effects artist and I didn’t know that!”

byu/wetodd1337 from discussion

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