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Deceit II is now free and will arrive on PS5 on April 3



Free, Deceit II will arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series on April 3rd. On PC, the platform where the title is already available, access without the need to purchase the title is permitted.

According to James Thompson, CEO of World Makers, PS4 and Xbox One versions are also being developed, but are not expected to arrive for now. He went into a little more depth around the transition to the free-to-play model in a press release:

It wasn't an easy decision to move to a free-to-play model, but we believe it's the right choice to lower the barrier to entry and ensure more people can enjoy Deceit II. For players who already purchased the game before the free re-release, we will be providing the Werewolf downloadable content, three Crypt Keys, in-game currency, and a Season One Pass for free to express our appreciation for your initial and ongoing support.

More about Deceit II

Deceit II is a “social deduction horror” game and players need to be unraveled to win matches and not be identified as possible infected. Check out the title description:

On departure, two of you were Infected. While the Infected do the bidding of the evil Game Master, the Innocents must work together to escape the Ritual and deduce who is plotting against them. Do you suspect anyone?

Gather your team to begin the Banishing Ritual. To make things even more chaotic, you can now also play as a third team, the Damned, who are solely out for themselves.

When the time comes to Ban someone, choose wisely; a false accusation can sow doubt and turn allies into enemies.

Your choices shape the game, making each match a unique battle of wits. Can you overcome the Game Master and escape the Ritual, or will you become another pawn in his twisted game?

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