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Defying Fate is confirmed for consoles



Nexon has revealed Vindictus: Defying Fate, a new fast-paced action RPG inspired by Celtic mythology that shares a universe with the MMORPG Vindictus, released in 2010. The game is in development for PC, with a planned release for consoles at a later date.

The company plans to conduct a public pre-alpha test for PC in the “coming weeks”. To participate, you must add Vindictus: Defying Fate to your Steam wishlist. Check out the announcement trailer and first screenshots below.

Defying Fate Wolf with Hammer Defying Fate monster fight Defying Fate fights monster in a stream

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Nexon promises lots of character customization and challenges in the medieval fantasy setting: “Play as a large cast of distinct characters, each with unique abilities and combos, including series favorites Lann and Fiona.”

Vindictus: Defying Fate will reference the heroes of the 2010 MMORPG. Large monsters inspired by Irish mythology, which “tower over your character”, in addition to many challenges, were also promised. Now we just have to wait for the release date and find out if it will come to PS5!

Key Features of Vindictus: Defying Fate

On the Gematsu website, a description of Vindictus: Defying Fate's features has been shared. Read:

Thrill-Filled Action Game – Experience a combat system that redefines intensity. Each battle is a test of skill, strategy and reflexes. Engage in fast-paced confrontations with enemies that dwarf your stature, providing an unparalleled sense of challenge.

Create Your Own Character – Each character is unique not just in appearance, but in weapons and combat style, allowing you to choose the combat experience that suits your play style and personality. Customize your character with high-quality costumes that express your chosen persona and specialty.

Monstrous Opponents – Inspired by creatures and monsters from Celtic mythology, prepare for epic encounters that require not just strength, but cunning. Learn to adapt, anticipate and attack your enemies until you surpass their legendary battle prowess.

Immersive 3D Environments – Immerse yourself in a visually stunning 3D world that pushes the limits of what is possible in gaming. Traverse diverse landscapes, from spooky dungeons to desolate wastelands, each meticulously crafted to enhance the overall gameplay experience

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