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Deliver Us Home Reaches 50% Funding Goal in 6 Days



During Summer Game Fest’s Play Days, KeokeN Interactive kicked off the Deliver Us Home crowdfunding campaign. And in just six days, the sequel to Deliver Us Mars is already a success on the platform and reaches 50% of its planned goal.

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According to the website, the first fundraising goal is approximately US$100,000. However, this weekend, the developers accumulated more than US$50,000, with 24 days left until the campaign ends.

The funding page also confirms that a Deliver Us Home DEMO is planned to come out in July this year as exclusive content for backers. As for the issue of platforms, only PC support is confirmed.

Deliver Us HomeDeliver Us Home
Source: KeokeN

Formed by Deliver Us the Moon and Deliver Us Mars, the space exploration franchise became known for its linear and scripted gameplay. Focused on science fiction, the series has puzzles as the basis of its gameplay, as well as narrative elements.

With average reviews on Metacritic, the titles practically integrated the pillars of KeokeN’s portfolio. Unfortunately, later this year, the studio fired all employees involved in the projects because it could no longer find publishing opportunities.

Months after announcing the cut, the company seeks community support through crowdfunding. Therefore, this could be the last way for the “Deliver Us” series to continue.

Deliver Us Home can bring considerable evolution

Deliver Us Home could reach video games as a real leap compared to previous games. KeokeN Interactive plans to implement a photo mode and exploration systems on more complex maps.

Additionally, the page mentions a physical and equipment enhancement tool, as well as greater depth in terms of survival. To find out more about the project, just access Kickstarter.

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