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Demon Slayer Anime May Conclude With 3 Movies, Fans Are Divided



A recent leak suggests that the Demon Slayer anime will end with a trilogy of films after the Pillar Training Arc. News that apparently is not to everyone’s taste.

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular mangas of recent years. And if Koyoharu Gotōge’s manga is so popular around the world, it is largely thanks to its animated adaptation, of which season 4, which adapts the Pillar Training Arc, is currently being released. diffusion.

Once the training is completed, the Demon Slayers will fight the terrifying Muzan Kibutsuji and his famous Upper Moons during the Final Battle Arc, which is none other than the last arc of the manga. It itself is divided into two parts, with first the Infinite Dimensional Fortress Arc, then the Dawn Countdown Arc.

The Final Battle Arc, and more specifically the Infinite Dimensional Fortress Arc, is one of the most popular arcs in Demon Slayer. However, instead of releasing as a new season of the anime, The entire arc will apparently be adapted into three films.

The Pillars Training Arc is one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time. So, following this success, it seems that ufotable is considering following this path again.

The rumor about the trilogy emerged last year, but most fans ignored it as the veracity of the leak remained unclear. Please note that at the time of writing these lines, there has still been no official confirmation from the studiowhich is why you should take this information with a grain of salt.

However, there is a good chance that the film trilogy is indeed in development, according to the X/Twitter Shonen Jump News account which stated: “The Kimetsu no Yaiba anime will adapt its latest ‘Infinite Dimensional Fortress Arc’ into a trilogy of films. This information apparently leaked freebies for visitors (now deleted) from the Jump Victory Carnival website. We will continue to update this information. »

Shonen Jump News then specifies in a comment: “According to Japanese listings, the terminology ‘Infinite Dimensional Fortress Arc’ would include everything up to the end of the series. We will wait for official confirmations and reports before speculating too much. »

An Internet user then shares his opinion on the question, declaring: “I can say that with certainty. One after the other, they will lose hype, and it’s a bit of Demon Slayer’s fault. It all started with The Infinity Train when manga films became a trend. Then we had JJK0, Haikyuu is also making some which from what I’ve heard shows a lot less than the manga, I don’t understand. »

“Demon Slayer is about to have the three highest-grossing animated films of all time”comments another.

News that clearly divides fanswith on one side the most skeptical, who believe that the enthusiasm around the anime could suffer, comparing this in particular to the end of the anime The attack of the Titans, which received more or less similar treatment. Indeed, many fear having to wait at least a year between each feature film, a pace considered too slow by some who might lose interest in anime. Others are more categorical, like this user who simply states: “This is the worst idea ever”.

But on the other side of the spectrum, fans still manage to see the benefit of such a decision, like this Internet user who declares “Anime allows you to enjoy a work for longer. On the other hand, a film allows for more resources ($) and a shorter but more intense experience. However, the film The Infinity Train is good, but the additional passages in the ARC in season are important too.”

Another explains: “It says worst idea in the world when they took over the Japanese and global box office with +€500M on the film rengoku. I say very good idea. film = more budget and better planning for the animators”.

Finally, some welcome the news with humor, this is particularly the case of this fan who declares: “The first and second movie will obviously be a recap of the entire seasons. We know the song now”.

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