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Designers from several companies praise Helldivers 2



Clips of Helldivers 2 have been flooding social media since the cooperative shooter that is the talk of the town among gamers was officially released. And one of them became a meeting point for designers from several large companies to praise the game's animation system.

After a post by Michael Barclay, lead designer at Naughty Dog, at Give them prizes”, he wrote.

Jamie Smith, director of game design at People Can Fly, commented: “Yeah, they really have an amazing transition from diving to landing, based on how high you jump from.” Infinity Ward's Steve Holmes, in turn, summed it up: “This is really cool.”

Helldivers 2 is available for PS5 and PC and can be downloaded at no additional cost by PS Plus subscribers.

Helldivers 2 approaches 200 thousand simultaneous players on Steam

An absolute hit with players on Steam, Helldivers 2 has just set a new milestone. The Arrowhead Game Studios title saw approximately 200,000 simultaneous users defending Super Earth on Valve's platform.

In just one week since its launch, the title has been surpassing itself in relation to the popularity index. In addition to being viral on social media, it reached a peak of 196,089 players in the last 11 hours, with more than 111 thousand users currently playing, according to Steam Charts.

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