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Destiny 2: Final Form revolutionizes weapon Power management



Destiny 2 introduced fundamental changes to how Power Leveling works with Final Form. One of these changes specifically affected weapons and how Power level contributes to a Guardian’s overall strength.

From his testing of the adjustments in the Crucible, Destiny 2 data analyst MossyMax concluded that “ individual weapon Power level no longer matters “, in most activities, even those that don’t use the new Squad Power feature.

He explained the reason: “ the game now treats each weapon as if it were the same level as your overall gear power “, rather than giving each individual weapon its own power.

While this means that players working towards reaching the Final Form Power cap will still want to infuse weapons to increase their overall Power, there is no reason to worry about it after reaching 2000 Power.

This change does not directly impact gameplay, but it does reduce the amount of resources required for those who have reached this power level.

The great advantage of this discovery is a reduction in the consumption of Improvement Modules. This resource is necessary to infuse equipment each time the threshold is increased, but with individual weapon Power now automatically adjusted to a Guardian’s overall level, the process becomes redundant beyond 2000 Power in most activities.

Since weapons and armor do not drop to the maximum Power level (the threshold is 1990) by default, players can save a lot of Lumen and Upgrade Matrices by ignoring the 10 Power deficit.

MossyMax points out that ultimately, “ The calculations still work the same way, with one multiplier for your weapon’s Power Level, and another multiplier for your overall Power Level. The equations all assume that your weapon’s Power Level is equal to your overall Power Level “.

A small caveat to this is the loss of minor damage in edge cases where a weapon’s Power Level is higher than a Guardian’s Light Level in Destiny 2. Yes, it’s a sacrifice made by this system “, states MossyMax, adding, “ but almost everything is capped in terms of Power, so this is only relevant in Trials and legendary Forgotten Sectors “.

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