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Destiny 2 player completes Double Destiny mission ‘single player,’ but there’s a catch



Although many players play Destiny 2 entirely solo, some activities must be completed in a group. YouTuber Esoterickk has made a name for himself by undermining this principle, and his latest feat is one of the most impressive yet.

Destiny 2 is, at its most fundamental level, a game that is meant to be enjoyed with others. Raids and dungeons are designed to be played by six and three players respectively, although many manage to complete the latter solo.

The Final Form expansion brought with it the new Double Destiny mission, an exotic quest that rewards class items. Unfortunately, the mechanics require at least two Guardians to complete and some have expressed frustration at having to play in groups.

Incredibly, Esoterickk managed to complete the mission on his own. The only problem is that he did it while playing on two accounts at the same time.

To prepare for his “solo” mission, the YouTuber spent a lot of time completing the main campaign and post-campaign missions to unlock Double Destiny on a second character.

From there, he executes the mission by alternating between the two characters, controlling one with a mouse and keyboard and the other with a controller. Needless to say, there’s quite a bit of downtime when switching between Guardians, with the most impressive part of the feat being his ability to balance the two.

Anyone vaguely familiar with Esoterickk’s history knows that this isn’t entirely unusual for him. He has already completed solo raids, as well as defeating Oryx on Hard Mode in the original version of Destiny’s Fall of the King. What happens next is uncertain, but with more content planned for this year across three installments, there will still be plenty of tough challenges ahead in Destiny 2.

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