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Destiny 2 will have another year of content known under the code name Frontiers



Bungie has lifted the lid on the future of Destiny 2 and it doesn’t include a sequel yet. Not at the moment at least, as another DLC is expected to arrive in the future.

As promised shortly after the World Premiere of the Edge of Salvation raid, new information was released on June 10, providing details on what Guardians can expect for the remainder of 2024 and beyond.

Destiny 2’s first episode, Echoes, begins on Tuesday, June 11, marking a return to Nessus to investigate a new Vex-related threat. Episodes Revenant and Heresy will follow, rounding out the remainder of Year 10, focusing on the Fallen and the Hive Pantheon respectively.

After the year of Final Form, the next Destiny 2 adventure will begin. She is currently known under the codename Frontiers. We were shown a teaser in the reveal trailer, but the details are still unclear. Three possibilities emerge: either Frontiers is the title of a new expansion, or it is another episode similar to Echoes, or it is something completely new.

While the latter option may seem bold, Bungie has proven with The Final Form that they are willing to explore new types of content. Excision — Destiny’s first 12-player content — and the unconventional design of the Pale Heart are examples of this desire to innovate.

Regarding the name, fans on Reddit are already speculating that Frontiers could hint at an adventure outside of our solar system. “ It would be really cool to travel to Lubrae and find a Pyramid/Darkness subclass, perhaps where Rhulk got his power “, commented a user.

I would like to leave Sol and work to reclaim the lost worlds of other species. Torobotl, Riis, Principe “, adds another Guardian, referring to the Cabal, Fallen and Hive homeworlds.

Regardless, if Destiny 3 is truly in the cards for the future, The Adventure Continues confirms that it won’t be happening anytime soon, with Bungie focusing its efforts on Destiny 2 for the time being.

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