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Destiny 2 will have crucial changes to PvP in March



Thinking about solving several problems in the Destiny 2 PvP sandbox, Bungie intends to release a bunch of improvements to keep players engaged in the gameplay. The developer wants to improve the community's understanding and cited flaws and solutions to achieve this goal.

For this reason, several Guardians' equipment and abilities will undergo balancing, which will take place in March 5th, in patch 7.3.5. This update is seen as crucial to keeping the fan experience at a high level.

Check out the main changes that will affect Destiny 2's PvP mode below:

Destiny 2 Crucible Sandbox - eagle symbolDestiny 2 Crucible Sandbox - eagle symbol

Bungie Mission:

  • Improve players' understanding of the events that led to their death, facilitating learning to improve.
  • Adjusting the weapons sandbox to handle the increasing average skill of players, reducing high-return, low-risk options.
  • Encourage mastery of primary weapons as an aspirational quest for players.

Community feedback and developer notes:

  • Difficulty in clearly understanding the events that lead to the player's death, leading to situations where it seems like nothing could be done.
  • Increase in average player skill over time, without corresponding growth in the weapons sandbox.
  • Realization that investing time in improving primary weapon skill is not worth it, especially at higher levels of play.

How did this happen in Destiny 2?

  • Skill builds with greater uptime or power than considered healthy.
  • Constant supply of special ammunition, resulting in an abundance of single-shot weapons in the field.
  • Highly lethal, fast, and generally forgiving primary weapons to compensate.

Solutions that are being studied (and should come into force soon)

  • Increased the player's health by 30 base HP in the Crucible, providing greater balance and reducing the lethality of various elements.
  • 15% penalties on melee, grenade, and class skill cooldowns, and 20% on Super cooldowns exclusively in Crucible.

A number of other changes, such as general gear balances and other fixes to the overall experience, have been shared on the official Destiny 2 website.

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