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Detail in The Last of Us Part II brings real-life reference



Since the first game, Naughty Dog has treated The Last of Us franchise with great care. Hidden references, narrative details, character connections and plot moments… Everything can be found during exploration. And in The Last of Us Part II it couldn't be any different.

This week, a post went viral on Reddit after user “Bi0_B1lly” shared a discovery. According to an image shared on the social network, the title has a code that can be connected to the real map that inspired the game.

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In the Wellwisher Thrift Store and Donation Center area, The Last of Us Part II players will need to find a number if they want to open the secret safe. The combination is part of the “Staci's phone” file and is completed after using the final seven digits of the number 206-555-0133.

However, there is something more to this secret. The number is fictitious and does not correspond to a telephone if dialed from a real device, but the first three digits, 206, are part of a list of area codes for the state of Washington — specifically Seattle, the game's central map.

Check out the post below:

Staci's number is in fact a number from Washington State
byu/Bi0_B1lly inthelastofus

The Last of Us Part II is available for PS4. The remaster released in January this year is exclusive content for PS5.

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